Ninpo: Wisdom for Life

Limited Edition Hardcover

Ninpo Wisdom for Life by Masaaki Hatsumi

Limited Edition Hardcover

To celebrate the success of Ninpo: Wisdom for Life we were asked to produce a limited edition hardcover. Late in 2001, three years after the books worldwide release, we printed twenty-one textbook style hardcover books with matching wrap-around covers. Because my wife and I were preparing to move, we only brought a selection to the Tai Kai. After that event, we returned home to packing, boxing and moving our belonging to a new apartment. About two months agao, we opened an unmarked storage box and found a small amount of the Ninpo hardcover books!

The books are still in near mint condition as each was individually packed in bubble wrap and placed in a clear protector bag. These limited edition, hardcover books retailed for $99 plus priority shipping costs.

If you are interested, please contact Joe Maurantonio on Facebook. I will be happy to provide photos, the books limited edition number (listed on the copyright page) and answer any questions.

In the photo you can see each clear plastic bag has the book's limited edition number.