"In 1966, the staff of the James Bond series came to my home. These articles are from the Tokyo Shimbun and the Tokyo Times." -- Hatsumi Sensei


Visiting Staff Learns From Hatsumi
(Tokyo Times - Monday, March 6, 1966)

Producer Louis R. Broccoli and five staff members for the James Bond film "You Only Live Twice" came to Japan last month. The purpose of the trip was to meet Yoshiaki Hatsumi, a 35-year-old Noda-city bone doctor and "34th Generation Togakure ryu ninja."

Over the course of two hours, the blue-eyed visitors picked Hatsumi's brain for ideas on new and rare weaponry at his dojo.

Outside of Ninjutsu, Hatsumi holds some 150 grades of black belt, in such arts as Bojutsu, Jujutsu, and Kenjutsu. This proverbial "Superman" fielded questions and revealed several secrets to his foreign visitors.

After receiving the request for an introduction to Ninjutsu, Hatsumi concluded the preparations in April and May that would assure his art's place in the James Bond film.

Kyoten Nagashima, head of Nagashima International PR, the agency that introduced the 007 staff to Hatsumi, comments, "The staff was quite pleased with the trip and believes that the incorporation of Ninjutsu into the James Bond series would make it all the more interesting."


007 Director, Staff on location in Japan (Noda)
(Tokyo Shimbun, 1966)

Producer Albert R. Broccoli, Director Louis Gilbert and five others in charge of the new James Bond film are on location in Japan and looking for new talent. The evening of the fourth, the group viewed the rudiments of Ninpo at the dojo of Yoshiaki Hatsumi, a 35-year-old bone doctor who also happens to be a 34th generation Togakure Ryu ninja.

Clad in black, Hatsumi revealed ninjutsu techniques to his foreign visitors,taking up some 10 weapons, including Shuriken and Shikomi-jo. The group called the experience "wonderful."

The staff, involved in "You Only Live Twice," the fifth 007 film and follow-up to "Thunderball," were extremely interested in incorporating Ninjutsu into the film and subsequently contacted Hatsumi.

After making a promise to return to Japan to consult Hatsumi again, the group returned to the U.S., impressed with the possibilities of Ninjutsu.

Although it is unclear in just what form Togakure-ryu Ninpo will take in the next Bond film, it is all but certain to be included. And that is something we can all look forward to.

Translated by Benjamin Cole 12/5/95