Getting too attached

By Pete Reynolds

"Don't get too attached to your weapons", admonishes Hatsumi sensei. What does he mean by that? He went on to explain that if you concentrate too much on your sword, bo, or knife you are probably forgetting your taijutsu and your likely to be defeated. You may be overlooking the opportunity to discard your weapon for a better one or missing an opening in your opponent's defenses. Upon further examination it seems quite logical and obvious, but like most everything Hatsumi sensei says, there are deeper levels of meaning if only one takes the time to look. He also means don't get too attached to other things in life, for example material goods like your jewelry, car, or home. If lost or stolen, these can be used against you, especially emotionally. In addition to physical objects, maybe it would be wise to not get too attached to certain people in our lives. Maybe better said as: be very careful about choosing the people that you choose to become attached to.