The Ninja Way

The Story of the Israeli Dojo!

While writing the book “It Takes a Ninja,” Ilan Gattegno (author, journalist, Bujinkan Shihan) realized many of his published writings on the Bujinkan were no longer accessible to his fellow practitioners. He felt it important to share the contribution of the Israeli Dojo to the understanding of Bujinkan spirit in the world. Many people were exposed to Doron Navon, instructor of the Israeli Dojo, but only through his translating for Hatsumi Masaaki Soke.

This book tells the story as Gattegno experienced it since beginning training in November 1974 when Doron returned to Israel after spending eight years in Japan. Included are chapters on the Takamatsu, Hatsumi, Doron, Ishizuka, Nagato, The Next Generation, Setting a Standard, Control through Blinding, Working for the Future and Back to the Hombu Dojo. Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.

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