Bujinkan Inspired

Bujinkan Inspired

For over fifty years, Masaaki Hatsumi Soke has shared his ninja and samurai lessons and knowledge with Bujinkan members all over the world. He sees himself not as a martial arts warrior, but an artist painting with broad strokes and layers of creativity. To understand Soke's training, we must understand him, his dedication and gifts.

In Bujinkan Inspired, the contributors share their unique understanding of the martial arts stage of learning within the Japanese arts. While each of these senior Bujinkan instructors may express the art differently, in Bujinkan Inspired, they offer their shared insights to training with Hatsumi-soke and Shu-Ha-Ri, an elusive path to mastery.

Andrej Jasenc · Arnaud Cousergue · Christian Petroccello · Dani Esteban · Eduard Divantman · Ilan Gattegno · Joe Maurantonio · Moti Nativ · Paul Fisher · Paul Masse · Peter King · Phil Legare · Richard Van Donk · Robin Doenicke · Sheila Haddad · Simon Yeo · Steffen G. Fröhlich

Chapters include:
My Chimp Doesn’t Write Like Shakespeare · Beyond Rational Description · Breathe the Same Air · With the Basics We Can Fight · Budo is Life · The Changing or Adjustable Fist · About Awareness · The Peace of Budo · The Strength of Connection · To Fight a Jaguar · Value of Life · Developing Excellence · Less is More · Patience is Essential · Sharing Evolution · Depart but Never Forget


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Bujinkan Inspired: Dai Shihan Share the Teachings of Masaaki Hatsumi Soke
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