The Training Journal

By Fred F. Feddeck

One of the most useful "tools" for furthering your training is the training journal. This is a notebook where you write down the techniques that you have learned in class, experiences that you have had, and notes from seminars that you have attended--and is very valuable to your progress in Budo Taijutsu. The training journal serves several important purposes.

A training journal allows you to measure the progress you are making in the art over the years. By looking at your journal periodically throughout your training, you can see how your understanding and thought processes about training have progressed. Your journal will also allow you to record training exercises and insight that relate directly to you from your teacher. This information is very helpful during the times that you train alone and the question: "what should I work on?" comes up. Finally, it will allow you to record and remember information from any seminars that you may attend, and this will allow you to continue working on the material once the training is over.

So how do you start a training journal? Easy, go out and buy a sturdy notebook, and then after each class at the dojo, write down the date and what techniques you worked on, along with any specific things the instructor pointed out for you to work on, and any feelings that you may have. Make keeping your journal an integral part of your training.