The Koppo of Ukemi

By Pete Reynolds

Ukemi has it's own Koppo. Like the idea of getting rid of the intention of doing techniques, you should get rid of the intention of doing ukemi. When you try to do ukemi, that intention can be used against you. As an example, imagine an omote gyaku being applied to you. In response you do a back roll, but as you do your roll the opponent quickly twists your wrist in the opposite direction (ura gyaku.) You will supply the energy and momentum to break your own wrist, arm, or shoulder. A skilled budoka will sense your intention of doing ukemi and therefore use it against you.

On the other side of things as the tori, give your opponent an "easy" place to ukemi to. You can therefore know(sense) where he is going and use that to your advantage, as in the aforementioned omote gyaku/ura gyaku or for example having a bo, knife, or foot waiting for his arrival. Get the idea?