Kappo Life Healing Touch

By Phil Noto

Touch is a very powerful tool for health and healing. Massage has been used as part of medicine for centuries, and its effects on the body are profound. Benefits to be found in massage include increased recovery rate from many illnesses and injuries via increased circulation, improved digestion, tension relief, and improved immune function, to name a few effects. Massage is not for recovery alone however; many would say its primary purpose is in prevention. For the martial arts practitioner, this is especially important. Our bodies undergo a certain amount of punishment in training, and it is important to balance the painful touch with a healing one.

The varieties of massage that exist are numerous, but there are two fundamental schools that most practitioners adhere to: Swedish and Shiatsu. Receiving massage regularly can have an enormous impact on health. If you can find an LMT (licensed massage therapist) within the means of your budget, I highly recommend trying it out. Look for someone who is from a reputable school and is licensed by the state. Another feasible alternative is getting a good book by an LMT and getting together with someone with whom you are comfortable (i.e. a family member, spouse, or good friend) and massaging each other. Getting a good book by a professional is essential. Aside from the obvious benefits of good instruction, there are certain things you want to avoid which could be harmful, and there is also a certain protocol or etiquette you can follow that will make the experience more comfortable and satisfying for both of you.