The Hidden Roots Of Aikido Aikijutsu Daitoryu

Reviewed by Fred Feddeck

The Hidden Roots Of Aikido offers a unique insight into the Daitoryu Aikijutsu tradition and its effect on the development of Aikido. Broken into two parts, history, and technical examples, the book is very informative and easy to read.

Information covered in the history section includes the roots of Daitoryu, the development of Aikijutsu, and the major historical figures that have shaped the Daitoryu. The second section includes step by step photos of some of the technical material in the Daitoryu. The examples offered are interesting to examine for a number of reasons from a martial artist's perspective.

The pictures offer a good superficial introduction to some of the types of techniques covered in Daitoryu, from wrist grabs to body attacks and attempted throws. The photographs also offer a glimpse of the relaxed nature and flow needed to perform techniques well, in Budo Taijutsu as well as in Aikido.

If you are looking for an informative book on Aikijutsu, or simply a new and interesting martial arts book to read, this could be just what you're looking for.