Bujinkan Ninjutsu Phrases

By Joe Maurantonio, shihan

Phrase Meaning
bushido Literally translated "Way of the Warrior." It was a code and way of life for Samurai, a class of warriors similar to the medieval knights of Europe. It puts emphasis on perseverance, loyalty, awareness, courage, etiquette, justice, modesty, frugality, martial spirit, honor and affection.
bujinkan Literally translates as "Divine Warrior Training Hall." Masaaki Hatsumi-soke took the name in honor of HIS teacher who he felt embodied these principles. Bujinkan budo taijutsu, or ninjutsu if you like, is the combat method of Japan's legendary samurai and ninja warriors. It is a martial art that emphasizes relaxed and natural body movement.
ken tai ichi jo Literally translates as "sword and body as one." Used often in sword arts. In the Bujinkan we employ the lesser known translation of "weapon and body as one," thus implying that the whole body must move in a unified fashion.