Attending Class

By Fred F Feddeck

Part of the responsibility of training at the dojo is to attend class. Attending training at the dojo is not something that should be taken for granted. What does "attending" class at the dojo mean?

It is in your best interest as a student, who wishes to learn this art from your teacher, to attend every class. The most efficient way to progress is to attend every class and learn the material shown there. However, attending class is more than just showing up at the dojo. It is also attending mentally to what is going on. When you are there, forget your problems and responsibilities of the day, and focus on learning what is being taught.

If you are sick or hurt, come to class and train in what you can - but always let the teacher know of your condition. If you are physically unable to train, sit by the side and spend the time "training" by watching and studying what is being taught.

If you have to miss class due to a work or family obligation, or are too ill to come to the dojo, that is understandable, but remember to call the dojo or one of the senior students so they are aware of the reason for your absence and know that you are ok.

Respect: When you miss class for frivolous reasons you are being disrespectful to your teacher, who is taking the time to prepare and teach the training lessons. You are also being disrespectful to your fellow students, denying them the benefit of having you as a training partner, although they are offering that same gift to you by being at class.

Remember that there is so much to learn in this art. The gift of training that you are able to learn and take advantage of is not to be taken lightly. Make your best effort to attend class as frequently and completely as possible.